The Seven Days of Breakfast

In honour of #NationalBreakfastWeek, BoBo Buddies has put together some top tips to keep those little stomachs full of the good stuff.
Eggs are a fantastic source of vitamin D, which makes bones and teeth strong.  Eggs are especially good during the winter months when the sun seems rather distant, try replacing sunshine with scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast.  An easy trade!

Yoghurt is a great source of calcium so bring it into the breakfast spread.  Another way to fill in your toddler's rapid growth spurts is to make milk-based smoothies to boost the all important calcium intake.

Look out for cereals with fortified iron. Recent studies show that 17% of toddlers are anemic.

If your little one is feeling under the weather, the breakfast foods to help boost the immune system are those rich in vitamin A.  The best food sources to naturally fight off those nasty germs are eggs, milk and yoghurt.

Add extra iron to a breakfast dish by adding nuts, dried fruits and seeds.  Inconspicuouly sprinkle some pumpkin seeds over a cereal and watch them be satisfactorily chomped down.

A top tip to help aid iron absorption in those little stomachs is to accompany iron rich foods with a diluted glass of vitamin C fuelled fruit juice.

Let them feast on a full english (minus the bacon) to keep the British Tradition alive! Poached eggs on granary loaf, sausages and homemade baked beans. The breakfast of Kings! Full of iron, energy and goodness for that blustery Sunday walk.

We hope these have been helpful, please leave us any comments or feedback.


Team BoBo xx


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