The reign of toddler reins!

BoBo Buddies started life in 2012 with one aim: to produce beautifully made soft toys with design and functionality at their core.

It therefore comes as no surprise that 3 years on, our bestselling product is our toddler backpack with reins. These adorably soft animals merge fun and function; they are backpack, reins and buddy all rolled into one!

We believe that children’s products should be as lovable as they are functional, and make sure that every product is a must-have for parents as well as children.

3 great design features make our BoBo’s stand out from the crowd:

  1. Detachable reins, so your little one can have their BoBo by their side for all adventures big and small!
  1. My favourite buddy! No more arguments about getting ready for the great outdoors! With a BoBo on their back and favourite bits and bobs tucked away in their backpack, leaving the house is easy as one, two, three!
  1. No skin-pinching here! The harness strap is designed to keep the BoBo snuggly fitted to little shoulders, with adjustable straps to get the perfect fit.

We love hearing from mums, so please keep sending in your thoughts, ideas, feedback and photos!


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