BoBo's tips on what to take to your first day at Nursery

BoBo's tips on what to take to your first day at Nursery

What to pack in your backpack?

After Prince George’s first day at school this week, team BoBo wanted to lend a hand in making this important milestone a success with some useful tips.  What to pack in your little one’s backpack on this very special day?


1. Bring your favourite toy or blankie.

The first time being away from home is always going to be strange.  Make sure your aspiring A* student has something familiar with them to make the transition of being away from parents that bit easier.



2. The Lunchbox.

Pack some fruit or favourite snacks for break time so no one goes hungry.  Encourage sharing with the other kids to help make new friends. If they’re staying for lunch, children’s food expert Annabel Karmel has some healthy but exciting suggestions.


3. Wellies to keep little feet dry
Avoid soggy socks by taking wellies in for playtime, especially when there are puddles around!

4. Finally, a BoBo backpack to carry it all in . . .
With a little backpack for your child to take, the sense of independence can be great. This loyal puppy is called Lupo (just like Prince George's spaniel) and is perfect to take on all adventures big and small.

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