The Great Indoors

How to keep busy and warm this winter!

With the summer months long gone and the coldest part of the year grinding in, we have come up with some indoor activities to occupy you (and your child) during these chilly days.

1.  Get adventurous! Make a rustic indoor den with a Teepee.

Hours of fun can be had in these child sized, indigenous American tents. Teepee means 'dwelling', and what a dwelling it can make.  Stuff full of cushions and toys to make it nice and cosy, sound some tribal warrior calls and away you go.  Meet our friends at Myweeteepee to see some beautiful designs.


2. Make a work of Art

What better way to pass the day than by creating a masterpiece.  Inspire your child with sketches so realistic they could have been traced . . . or lay down some newspaper and get the paint out. Let the artistic talent flow with finger painting, dot to dots, colouring books or the classic blank canvas.  Better still, make these wonderful BoBo animals out of little handprints, but keep a close eye!

 3. Bake something delicious

The next Jamie Oliver or Mary Berry could be the child lobbing food across your table.  Pull them up a chair to stand on and get some yummy ingredients in the mix.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that and tah dah! A culinary sensation.  Gingerbread men and brownies always go down well.



We would love to hear from you with your favourite activities so please email us at or leave us a comment!




Team BoBo xx

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